Best Plant Pots for the Office

Does your office make you feel drained and tired?

A well-placed plant or two (…or three!) can help.

Indoor plants have been shown to:

  • Improve air quality
  • Reduce your stress
  • Improve overall well-being
  • Support your mental health
  • Help you focus
  • Create a more peaceful environment

They also look great!

This guide is all about what makes the best plant pots for the office, including a few suggestions for different types of pots.

Use this as a starting point to get an idea of what you want and what will work best for your own office.


What to Look for

What makes a plant pot better or worse for the office? Here’s what you should look at.

Watering Options

Since the plant pot will be indoors on a desk or the floor, you need to manage what happens to the excess water after you water your plants.

You can opt for a self-watering pot, for convenience, or look for a pot with a drainage hole and tray.

  • Self-watering pots

These are pots where you add water to a reservoir that automatically soaks up and into the soil. The reservoir either wraps around the sides of the pot or sits underneath it.

Self-watering pots are useful for plants that like moist soil. If you’re a person who often forgets to water your plants on time, self-watering pots are also a great way to keep your plants from staying dry too long.

  • Pots with saucers  

This is the typical indoor plant pot design. The pot sits on a small saucer that catches any excess water coming from the bottom drainage hole.

These are ideal for tables, desks, and counters, helping you avoid making a mess or ruining your furniture with watermarks. It also means you don’t have to think too hard about what you put in the bottom of your plant pot.

It’s probably best to avoid pots without saucers. These aren’t a great choice for indoor furniture, since they can leave water marks or damage wooden furniture.


If you’re buying a plant pot to put on top of a piece of furniture (desk, table, counter), you’ll probably want a pot that’s smaller than 10 inches. Anything larger than this is going to take over the surface and make it difficult for you to use it for anything else.

For pots that will be standing on the floor around the office, look for anything larger than 12 inches. You want larger pots that can stand on their own and look great. Smaller pots will need their own stands to look like they’re intentionally placed and not just random.


Cylindrical pots and round pots are the most common. They allow for efficient root growth and look great everywhere you put them.

You can get plant pots that are square and rectangular as well.

The shape itself won’t make a lot of difference for your plants, but you’ll have more options if you go for a cylindrical or round pot.


In the office, ceramic and terracotta plant pots work well. They look professional, they’re sturdy, and they stay put well even in active environments.

Terracotta is especially good, since it naturally draws out some of the water and keeps your plant from getting root rot if you overwater it.

Plastic is another option if you’re in the market for a low-cost plant pot. Plastic pots come in all sorts of vibrant colors and designs in any size you need. The tradeoff is that plastic pots can retain more heat and water, and they’re not as long-lasting as ceramic or clay.

Plant Type

Not all plants will thrive in all pots. The rule of thumb is the larger the plant, the larger the pot. If the plant looks cramped in the pot, it’s likely doing a lot worse under the soil.

Best plants for the office

Best Plant Pots for the Office

Here are some of the best plant pots for the office, broken down into categories.

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Self-Watering Pots  

1. Self-Watering Terracotta Pot with Glass Reservoir

Best for forgetful waterers

Sizes available: 4 in., 6 in., 8 in.

Colors available: Plain terracotta

Descriptors: modern, sleek, small plants, terracotta

This smaller pot has a beautiful glass reservoir that holds the terracotta pot in place. When you fill the reservoir, the water level is visible from the outside.

If you’re a forgetful person, the visible water level helps remind you to keep your plant hydrated. You’ll be able to keep your plants alive and thriving just by looking at them regularly!

While a lot of self-watering plant pots hide the water reservoir underneath the pot, this is a bold, modern take on self-watering pots that stands out as both beautiful and functional.

2. White Glazed Ceramic Self-Watering Pot

Sizes available: 6.5 in.

Colors available: White

Descriptors: minimal, subtle, classic, glazed ceramic

The white glazed ceramic used to make this simple pot helps your plants to be the center of attention. It’s a great vessel for colorful plants or anything that might get outshone by an overly ornate pot.

Beautifully rounded, this pot features a small inner pot and a larger outer pot. As a self-watering pot, the inner container is made to soak water up into the dirt and keep the soil moist all the time.

Although there are no visual clues about the water level inside the pot, the classic design of this pot makes it easy to style on any desk.

3. Wide Plastic Self-Watering Pot

Best for easy watering

Sizes available: 6 in., 8 in., 10 in., 12 in.

Colors available: Black, blue, white, green, plum

Descriptors: plastic, simple, colorful, sturdy, convenient

A simple solution to overwatering, this plastic self-watering pot provides a good home for any indoor plants you want in your office.

In this design, the main pot stands with 4 hollow legs resting in a water reservoir below. As long as the reservoir is full, the plant will be able to draw water into the soil and keep hydrated. On the reservoir, there is a removable attachment you can add for easy watering.

Because of the various sizes and colors available, you’re likely to find something that fits the plant you want at any stage of growth.

Pots with Saucers

4. Sleek Ceramic Plant Pot with Saucer in Matte Colors

Sizes available: 5.9 in.

Colors available: Matte black, matte gray, white

Descriptors: Stylish, cylindrical, modern, ceramic 

This is a small, stylish plant pot with a wide middle and a slightly skinnier top and base. It comes in a range of neutral colors that go well in any professional environment, allowing the plant to shine in all its natural beauty.

The included saucer fits well under the base, catching the extra water from the drainage hole on the bottom of the pot. It’s a good basic pot for smaller indoor plants.

5. Two-Toned Ceramic Plant Pot with Saucer  

Sizes available: 6 in., 8 in.

Colors available: Aqua/terracotta red, matte black, matte black/raw clay, glazed white, glazed white/raw clay, glazed white/tan (gray)

Descriptors: colorful, sturdy, long lasting, classic, aesthetic

A wide, cylindrical plant pot, this is a good choice for any plants that need space for their roots. It’s a sturdy pot that will hold up to life in the office for years, bringing color and life to your desk.

The large saucer underneath can catch a lot of excess water, so you have less of an issue with overwatering, and no mess if the water does drain out. Choose the glaze color combination that best suits your aesthetic and enjoy whatever you want to grow.

6. Colorful Glazed Ceramic Plant Pot with Saucer

Best color selections for ceramic pots

Sizes available: 5 in.

Colors available: Blue aqua, blue/green/white striped, blue bottom/white top striped, bronze/white, burgundy, cobalt blue, cosmo blue, blue top/white bottom, olive green/tan, olive green/white striped, ivory speckle, matte green bottom/white/blue striped, metallic bronze, mocha cement, terracotta bottom/blue top, yellow/white striped  

Descriptors: unique, color pop, sturdy

If you want something different in your office, this is a wonderful pot for your plants. There are so many different color combinations that you’re sure to find something you’ll like. Your plants will look even more vibrant and lively than usual!  

This pot has a cylindrical shape from top to bottom, with a slightly skinnier base. The base fits well into the larger saucer that collects excess water from the bottom drainage hole.

Plant Pot Sets (2+)

7. Matte Gray, White, and Gold Opposite Color Ceramic Plant Pots

Set of two

Best modern design set

Sizes available: 5 in. + 6.3 in.

Colors available: Matte gray/gold/white

Descriptors: stunning, unique, modern, geometric, professional, minimalist

This pot set is an eye-catching addition to any office. One pot, the larger one, is cylindrical while the smaller pot is six-sided. The flipped color schemes and varied shapes provide a perfect contrast to each other, balancing out to make a fantastic, functional pot set for your desk or anywhere else.

There are no water collection saucers included with this pot set, although both pots have a bottom drainage hole.

8. Multi-Sized Glazed Ceramic Pots wit Saucers

Set of three

Sizes available: 4.1 in. + 5.1 in. + & 6.5 in.

Colors available: Speckled beige, black, blue, sapphire blue, turquoise, white

Descriptors: varied, sleek, durable, good value

With 3 differently sized pots, you can have a whole family of plants on your desk or around the office. You don’t have to limit your plant choices. Choose whatever you want and mix and match in the different pots.

The saucers fit well with the aesthetic of the pots, matching the pot color and fitting comfortably over the skinnier base. This is a great pot set or anyone who wants a few different plants around the office in a unified color scheme.

9. Handcrafted Terracotta Pots with Leaf Imprint Designs + Saucers & Scratch Pads  

Set of two

Best terracotta design

Sizes available: 4 in + & 6 in.

Colors available: terracotta/white, terracotta/black/white

Descriptors: terracotta, imprint, natural, earthy

Terracotta pots are always lovely, but the extra detail of the leaf imprint makes this pot set a bit more special. These standout pots are a great complement for anything you want to grow.  

They are well-designed for the office, with fitted water-collection saucers that have scratch pads attached to the bottoms. No water lines or scratch marks on your desk!

Low-Cost Plant Pots

10. Simple Plastic Pot in Various Colors

Cheapest plant pot

Sizes available: 6 in., 8 in., 10 in., 12 in.

Colors available: chocolate, clay, cottage stone, dusty teal, honey, warm gray

If you’re looking for something simple, this is about as basic as it gets. It’s a simple, no-frills plastic plant pot that works for most indoor plants.

Choose this pot if you need a quick and easy option to get some plants in your office today. On the bottom of each pot is a drainage hole that comes with a removable plug. There is no water collection saucer included.

11. Small Ceramic Pot with Saucer

Best small plant pot

Sizes available: 4.2 in.

Colors available: Light blue, navy, rouge red, sky blue, white, yellow

Descriptors: simple, clean, modern, minimalistic

This small plant pot is a good starter pot for anyone who just wants a touch of green around the office. It has a small footprint that can sit almost anywhere, and a simple style that doesn’t look out of place on a table, desk, counter, or elsewhere.

The style of this pot is a little different from most, with the straight cylindrical pot sitting in a wider collection dish on the bottom. Go for a minimalistic aesthetic that won’t clutter up your desk.

12. Textured Plastic Plant Pot with Self-Watering Disk Insert

Sizes available: 7 in., 9 in., 12 in., 14 in., 16 in.

Colors available: cottage stone, vineyard brown

Descriptors: plastic, wide-brimmed, indoor/outdoor, sturdy

Available in a wide range of sizes, these basic plastic pots are a good way to add plants to your desk or to larger pieces of furniture around the office. The wide brims look good with large and small plants of all kinds.

While it’s nothing fancy, this pot is a good option if you need to buy a few pots for different areas around the office, or if you want a few different-sized, matching pots.

Standing Floor Pots

13. 3-Legged Metal Standing Plant Pot, Black

Sizes available: 7.4 in.

Colors available: Black

Descriptors: sleek, modern, durable, centerpiece

This standalone pot is the perfect addition to your office if you’re looking to place a few larger plants around. It stands up to a height of just under 18 inches, not including the plant, so it can work well if you need something to fill up an empty space with a little life.

In this design, the metal legs attach directly to the bottom of the pot. Each leg has a rubber stopper on the bottom to keep it sitting securely on any type of floor.

14. Thick Plastic Pot for Large Indoor Plants

Sizes available: 12 in., 16 in.

Colors available: White, gray, brown, black

Descriptors: neutral, durable, basics, modern, tall

Made from sturdy plastic, this pot has a rustic finish that mimics cement or stone, making it an attractive standalone piece to have around the office. The neutral colors look good in most environments.

Larger plants work well in this pot since it’s fairly deep. The pot has drainage holes around the bottom to help prevent root rot. There is no included saucer for collecting excess water.

15. Wide-Brimmed Textured Plastic Standing Plant Pot

Sizes available: 12 in.

Colors available: Chocolate brown, white

Descriptors: shallow, textured, sturdy

This wide-rimmed plastic pot is a good, sturdy home for larger plants in the office. Add some greenery in the corners, spruce up blank walls, and make your office a warmer and more welcoming place with a few beautiful plants in these simple pots.

The pot itself is a good complement to any plant you put in it. It only comes in basic colors, but the textured plastic has a similar appearance to stone or cement pots. Even if you have a few around the office, these pots will look classy and won’t detract from the space in any way.

Standout Designs

16. Handmade Polka Dot Plant Pot Holding Child Pot

Cutest novelty plant pot

Sizes available: 5 in. + 2.5 in.

Colors available: Yellow/green, green/yellow, orange/red

Descriptors: cute, handmade, double pot, ceramic

Looking for a cute conversation starter for your desk? This little set is made up of a medium plant pot holding up a second smaller pot. Both pots hold inner pots where the plants and soil will sit, separate from the decorative exterior.

These pots don’t have saucers, but there are drainage holes on the bottom of each. Put this adorable pot set on your desk to brighten up every workday.

17. Plastic Sitting Plant Pot with Smiley Face

Sizes available: 4 in.

Colors available: Nude

Descriptors: happy, sitting, desktop, plastic

There’s nothing like a little smiling plant pot to make your day a little better. The subtle design of this pot is cute without being overly distracting. With its little arms, legs, and happy face, this little pot friend rests on the edge of your desk or on a stand.

Life is hard. Why not add a touch of positivity to keep your spirits up?

18. Zen Ceramic Face Plant Pot

Sizes available: 5 in.

Colors available: Dark green, black, blue, light green, pink, white

Descriptors: face, stylish, ceramic, handmade, zen, artisan

Want a planter that’s just a little different, but still professional? Here’s a great option for you.

This little tabletop face planter is handmade from high-quality ceramic. It has sleek colors and a beautiful design that adds something to whatever you choose to grow. All the colors work well with different types of plants, allowing the beauty of the plant to shine.

Final Thoughts

If your office needs a little more life, add some greenery.

Find a pot that fits your favorite indoor plant and looks great doing it. With so many nice plant pots around, there’s no time like the present to get planting.

Happy growing!

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