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Are you a gardening enthusiast with a challenging space to grow? Me too!

My name is Christine. I love to grow anything and everything, but I've got very limited space and challenging weather all year-round. On top of this, I've always been a renter, so I've moved more than 5 times since I started my garden.

For a while, I let the weather, space, and constant moves stop me from planting anything, even though I really wanted to. Eventually, I decided to give it a go and take on all the issues as they came. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Today, I've got a healthy little garden made up of plant pots, grow bags, baskets, and whatever I can fit in the coveted yard space. It's taken me years of learning by doing to get here, and I'm still learning and expanding my garden all the time.

Don't let limited space, challenging weather, bad soil, or a low budget get in the way of starting your own garden. All these and other challenges are just like garden pests: you can never be fully rid of them, you just have to learn to manage them.

Let's keep learning and growing our gardens together, overcoming challenges and making the best of every resource we have.

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